Berlin Glas e.V. and Kids Blow Glas celebrate the International Year of Light 2015!

International Year of Light Blog

Glass and light share a long history in art. In ancient times, glass was used to mimic rare gems, its preciousness was important enough to be mentioned in the Bible (Job 28: 17)[1]. Glass’ ability to absorb, redirect, and reflect light on the intense coloured surfaces of the imitated stones played a major role. Much later in Europe, glass was cut and painted, and arranged to convey stories. Church windows used the light that transmitted through the massive windows to convey didactic stories that were painted on glass panels. In contemporary art, light is used to encapsulate and create an illusion of tangible space, defining negative spaces that become the object itself. The renown Czech artists Stanislav Libenský (1921-2002) and Jaroslava Brychtová (1924-) discovered that through negative modeling a new conception in sculpting with glass could be developed; and light became an essential component on the creation of narratives within…

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