Six reasons why Photonics and Optics are important for the future!

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Our modern day electronic devices are based on transistors and other semiconductor devices. Moore’s law has proved to be nearly accurate as we develop better and smaller circuits having more number of transistors per square inch. However, there will be a time maybe after two decades (as predicted by Moore himself) where we may not be able to make any further development with the integrated circuit based devices.

The future computing devices, be it quantum computers(1) or for that matter even simple photonic integrated circuits(2), have already given us a new perspective to the power and versatility of computation in the future. With the ever increasing demand for faster and more efficient computing, photonics seems to be a promising candidate. Technology giants such as Intel(3), IBM(4) and Google already have made huge investments in this direction. Wearable technology like the Google Glass(5) and Microsoft’s Hololens(6) have shown how we…

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