Li-Fi – an enabling technology that can transform our lives

International Year of Light Blog

Li-Fi was first introduced to the general public in a TED Talk in 2011, when I showed video streaming using off-the-shelf LED lights. This TED Talk has now been watched more than 1.6 million times, and Li-Fi has been featured by the BBC, New York Times, TIME Magazine, CNN International, ZDF and CNBC, and this indicates the high level of interest and potential high economic and social impact of the new, emerging Li-Fi technologies.

Li-Fi technology uses light waves instead of the current radio frequency spectrum to communicate data. Li-Fi is a bi-directional, networked, mobile, high-speed data communication technology. It complements the existing Wi-Fi, and also has the additional benefits of greater capacity, security and energy efficiency.

The visible light spectrum is huge (about 390 THz of bandwidth are available), licence-free, secure and safe. Devices such as LED lights and photo detectors are inexpensive and in common use, and Li-Fi…

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